Sunday, January 2, 2011


Jarrett has 4 teeth on top & 2 on bottom now! I think he got the second 2 on top while we were in Arkansas. They came in so quickly, it's like all of a sudden they were just there. Lil' J has been really cranky lately & I think teething is a big part of it. I feel so bad, because there is not a lot you can do as a mama. We are giving him Tylenol & Orajel. He has never taken a Binky & doesn't really chew on anything but his own hand. He is becoming such a big boy & time is flying by right before our eyes. I remember this time last year I was on maternity leave & it was so nice to spend all day with my baby. I hope someday I'll be able to stay home with kids, but don't know if that will be in the cards. I hope so though! It is back to work tomorrow & we have a lot to do this next month. I have a feeling I'll be working late nights & overtime. That is good & bad. Good for the extra pay, but bad because I'm missing out on time with my son. Life isn't perfect & we gotta make the best of what we've been dealt.

It was hard to get a picture of his top teeth! He is such a little stinker ;)


  1. Oh...look at those teeth!!! Poor boy - we know all about teething pain in our house too - Cannon got 6 teeth in within a month's time - and 4 of them all at once - no fun on these little guys :(

    I know how hard it is trying to find a balance between working & being a Mommy...I struggled with it for the first 18 months after my daughter was born. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be able to stay home with my kids, 5 short years ago we could barely afford our new mtg on 2 incomes but somehow over time we got to that point where we could actually do it and make it work with me not working anymore. Believe me...its still not easy - we have had to scale way back on almost everything and more than likely I am going to start back part time next fall again when Cannon starts preschool...but its all been worth every sacrifice. Hang in there - so much can change in just a years time...praying one day that you will be able to do what makes you happiest too :)

  2. he's getting too big!
    I think t-a has about 8 now..she i dont go near those teeth!

    i hope you get to stay home with him someday too!!

  3. Awe! I truly know what you're going through wanting to stay home with your little man. (I worked until my first was 14 months) I would cry and pray and have all kinds of emotions over it all at the same time- I was pregnant so tons of emotions. There's just no time after you get home and settled. I had always told my husband I wanted to be a stay at home mom but when we had our first it just wasn't in the cards and it was harder than hard to accept. Then we were blessed with twins and a friend's husband said "You got your prayers answered you get to stay home now." He was right God answers in the most unexpected of ways! It would almost cost more in daycare per month than I brought home; so the decision was made and like the other comment said it's not easy but somehow (because of God) it just works.

    Lots of prayers for you and anyone wanting to stay home with their little one(s).

  4. So cute! Love your little pearly whites Jarrett!