Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Play Date Fun

I hosted my first play date yesterday b/c I had the day off. It turned out pretty good, but it was a little bit of a bummer that more than half the people cancelled within 24 hours of the play date. Still, 3 mommies & babies came & we had a good time playing! Thanks a lot girls for spending time with me & Lil' J. I always get so jealous b/c I never get to make it to play dates b/c they are during the week & I was excited to actually host one. I'm not sure I'll host another one on my day's off, but at least I have a clean house & I had a good time visiting with good friends.

Here is the little snack table I did. Mini-bananas, vanilla cupcakes, hot pizza dip, water, juice & vitamin water:

Random pictures of the babies playing! They are all such sweet babies & I love their mommy's :)

I had to post these pictures too. Last night Jarrett had green beans & he made such a mess! He got it all over his face & he wouldn't stop shaking his head "no, no" He is so silly!

My job is going "okay". I hope this week is better than last. Today I worked from 8 AM to 7:30 PM. I am so worn out & ready to relax for the night & then hit the hay! I think I will have to work late nights as much as I can these next few weeks. I'm not really happy with my job right now & I hope things will start looking up. I need to make more money really bad & there are no promises of any raises at my current job in the near future AT ALL. I really want Jason & I to pay off all our debt & get caught up with everything, but it is hard when your living paycheck to paycheck. I hope one day we will look back on these times & think how much better off we are. I know we don't have it nearly as bad as others, but I would like to make enough money just so we wouldn't have to worry if an emergency came up & we wouldn't struggle to make ends meet (such as all the medical bills we accrued this past year with Jarrett!) I knew having a child would be expensive, but this past year has been hard for us financially. I know we need to count our blessings & be thankful for what we have. I AM so thankful to have a husband who loves me more than anything & a beautiful son. Things WILL get better!


  1. Thinking of you. Things will get better! Hope you have an amazing day!! :)

  2. I hear ya. My husband isn't working and hasn't had a job since July '10. I feel lots of pressure to keep everything going. Tough times. We'll tell our grandkids about this recession some day.