Friday, December 10, 2010

Mommy Cookie Exchange

I had such a great time at my Mommy cookie exchange last night!  I suppose it was worth making all those cookies ;)  We played games, ate cookies & had lots of fun!  I love all of the girls in my mommy's group & I'm so glad I've made some wonderful new friends.

Me showing off my cookies!
Wonderful mommy's :)  Courtney & me in the middle.  I'm still in denial she is moving to Reno this month.  I will miss her!
All the mommy's showing off their cookies:
 My friend Anna got Jarrett a GIANT sock monkey for his Birthday!  I was so excited!  Can you tell?  I've been wanting to get Jarrett a big sock monkey for a long time.  She always texts me & lets me know when she see's a sock monkey.  I want ya'll to know that I see them everywhere now, but I liked them first! :P
Me & Anna (the one that gave Jarrett the sock monkey for his B-day).  She looks so pretty & I look....uh, I don't even know:
In other news, I had to take Jarrett to the doctor yesterday b/c he woke up with croup cough again Wednesday night.  It scares me so bad when he starts coughing like that.  If you could just see his face, it looks like he is in so much pain every time he tries to cough.  Anyways, I took him to the doctor & we are back to giving him Albuterol 3-4 times a day & Budesonide treatments twice a day.  He also gave him a steroid to take for the next 5 days.  He does NOT like the taste of it.  I don't know why he has had so many problems with his breathing & with croup cough this past year.  Please keep him in your prayers.  We fly home next weekend & we want to all be healthy!  We will have to take the nebulizer & the breathing treatments with us.  We go back to the doctor in a week before we leave.



  1. How fun!! Looks like a great time.

  2. how fun!!!!!

    hope lil' J feels better!!

  3. Jealous of all those yummy cookies! Poor little J! I hope he feels better really soon . . .no one wants to travel with a sick little man!

  4. What a cute idea! And that recipe below...yum! I love anything peppermint!

    New follower by way of I'm not sure where!

    Your blog and son are adorable!