Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day trip to Utah (LOTS OF PICS!)

Well, you might think I'm a little nutty for driving over 6 hours to Utah with an 8 month old baby. But, I have to say... the little stinker did pretty well on the drive there & back! As long as he was fed & we stopped every once in a while to walk around - he was fine. We had a great time hanging out with my old pledge sister from college & her little boy Lucas. Christy & I have known each other for 10 years! Wow, I sound old! Lucas is about 5 weeks older than Jarrett & moving all over the place! He is so cute & I hope we can see them again soon.

Look what we found on the way up there? I about had a heart attack when I saw the super large sign on the interstate. Thank God I made it to exit 6! I ate macaroni & cheese, green beans, hashbrown casserole & a biscuit! CARBS, CARBS, CARBS! I was not watching my Weight Watcher points while gone this past weekend, but I'm getting back on track this week.
(its not like I get to go to Cracker Barrel every day!)

Me & lil' J in front of the Cracker Barrel:

Jarrett testing out the little rockers:

I swear, I heard angels singing in my ears "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!"
This is at Christy's. She had this really cool infant booster/positioner thing. I tried to find one online but I can't! He probably wouldn't be able to use it that much longer anyways, but it was pretty cool to help him sit up. Anyone else ever see one of these?
Boys & their toys...watching some tube.
Lucas can walk with this thing SO fast! He is a mover & a shaker!
While Jarrett sits like a toad on a log...
Mr. Big Loogie standing up!
Boys playing with Lucas's toys:
I love this pic. Jarrett is like "WAAAA, give it back!"
Lucas is like "It's miiiiiine!! Mwahahaha!"
Saturday, we went to Park City, Utah. It was so pretty. This is where they had the 2002 Winter Olympics. This is a picture of the ski jump off the mountain. Park City is such an outdoorsy city. There were people biking & hiking everywhere. I'm sure it is just beautiful in the winter.
We ate at this Mexican cantina. They had NO highchairs when we got there. You know how hard it is to eat with no highchairs & 2 babies on your lap who want to play with & tear everything off the table! We finally got highchairs 1/2 way through our meal.
I'm telling kid is trained to smile. Anytime I get my phone or camera out, he looks at it & smiles. I had the hardest time trying to get Lucas to look at the camera & smile. I'm tellin' you ladies...stick a camera in their face at day 1 & they won't be camera shy!
My beautiful friend Christy & her son Lucas.
"Loogie Bear"
The boys were worn out after our day in Park City.
After a long day, we came home & gave the boys a bath together. Lucas kept standing up in the tub & going wild! Jarrett just sat there & chewed on Lucas's bath toys & looked at me with the camera. GOOD BOY JARRETT. GOOD BOY.

Bathtime Buddies
Proof right here that my kid will smile at me no matter where I am with the camera, ha ha!
Mr. Cheezer!
We went to church with Christy & Lucas on Sunday & actually got to eat at Cracker Barrel for a SECOND time! It was so much fun. After Jarrett knocked over a completely full glass of water all over the table & Lucas threw all his food on the floor (I'm sure the waitress loved us there), we had a great time.

"I'm sorry Mama" How can you get mad at that face?
Lucas - OPEN YOUR EYES! This child is impossible to get a good picture of ;)
These are a few cute pictures I took of the boys in Christy's front yard. We don't have a lot of grass here & I think Jarrett liked it. It was really windy outside, so I was having problems getting him to smile.
New Buddies!
Sweet Lucas
Sweet Jarrett
We had such a great time seeing old & new friends! Thank you so much for having us at your beautiful house Christy! We love you & are here for you anytime. Can't wait to get our boys together again soon & go on more walks. Love you!
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  1. So cute! Asher is just like Jarrett -- he'd rather sit and play than try to crawl or stand any day. Lazy bones. :o)

    Glad you had a fun weekend with your friend!

  2. Hi!! I haven't commented in awhile! Wanted to stop in and say hello...I love watching your little man grow up via blog!

  3. How cute! And I laughed, cause you're matter where Jarrett is, as soon as you have that camera he is cheezing away! Jamie at this point if more like Lucas, I can never get a good picture! Probably doesn't help that he's always sleeping! :)