Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Cutie Pie

Jarrett hanging out in my office today...
I love that Jarrett gets to come hang out with me in my office from 4-5 every day. It makes me look forward to 4:00! I get to see him at lunch every day too, so I think I'm pretty lucky. He is such a good, happy baby. He seems to be feeling better lately. Me & mom took him back to the doctor last Friday b/c he seemed like he wasn't feeling that well. The doctor said she heard wheezing in his chest again & she put him back on a steroid & upped his breathing treatments. It is hard sometimes to get him to sit still for 20 minutes to have a treatment, but he is doing well. I'm just glad he is doing better - we do NOT want to go back to the hospital!


  1. Love the pics Bonnie... Jarrett is so sweet and cute :)
    That's so awesome he gets to come visit you at work everyday!!

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  3. He is too cute! That is awesome that he gets to come visit you throughout the day! Glad he is feeling better! :)

  4. What a sweet boy! He just looks like the happiest baby ever!

    Had a little catching up to do on blogs - looks like you had a wonderful time with your mom! Its always hard when they have to leave to go back home - I had my mom visiting me for 5.5 months and then I was up visiting her for 3 more weeks so it has been an adjustment these last 2 weeks on my own again (well with hubby too of

  5. How lucky to have him at work with you! We're in the process of finding childcare and it already breaks my heart...a lunch time visit would be so nice!

    LOVE the outfit...we have the same one hanging in our closet just waiting for little one to arrive! Dont you just love Carters?!?

  6. You go girl!! I've done watcher's before and it does work. Ps...Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Made my day!! Have a great weekend!!