Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicken Bumbo

First of all, I wanted to share some yummy chicken I made the other night. I crave Blackened Chicken sometimes & I found a recipe HERE. I've made it once before & it was really good. I thought I would share. I think this chicken would be really good on a salad.

Here is what mine looked like:
We had broccoli & sweet potato fries with our chicken:
I got some cute pictures of Jarrett sitting in his Bumbo seat today. He seems to really like the seat a lot more now. He loves to hit the seat like a drum. It's so cute!
Look at this pouty lip. Isn't he so cute?
One more piece of news... we got Jarrett's blood tests back & he's not allergic to the doggies! We go to see the pulmonary specialist on Tuesday. The Singulair seems to be helping him a lot. We have not been giving him the breathing treatments b/c there has been no wheezing. I'm wondering if I should still take him to the pulmonary specialist b/c he is doing better. But, I think we better be safe than sorry. Even if its a worthless visit, at least he will get checked out.
We are thinking about trying to go swimming again this weekend. It's going to be a scorcher here in Vegas! I'm SOOOO ready for fall. I love the cold weather much more than the hot, ugh!


  1. that looks yummy!!

    hehe..i love bumbos, they are so nifty!!

    poor will be good to get him all checked out!

  2. WOW--that meal looks so yummy and healthy!
    I wish they made those cute,little seats when Jeven was little--I would've bought her one :)
    Glad to hear Jarrett is feeling better. So glad he's not allergic to the furry kids! What a relief for you. Give him a big hug from me!

  3. That chicken looks so yummy!! Jarrett is getting so big! So glad he is not allergic to the doggies.

  4. Super cute pics in the Bumbo Seat. You should post them on the Bumbo Facebook page!

  5. The blackened chicken looks great! Will bookmark this one! I love to try new things. Check out my recipe blog for some others you may enjoy.
    visiting from jennasjourney
    ps. love the sock monkeys:)