Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yummy Cousin

I took this video while we were in Dallas with Connor. Jarrett is teething, so he kept trying to latch on to Connor's face & suck on it. Connor didn't like it to much, haha! Mine & Becky's voices sound just alike in the video. It's a twin thang ;)

Jarrett: "Just sit still for a sec...I wanna taste your face"

Connor: "Hang on just a minute. Whats going on here!?"

Jarrett: "Gotcha!!!"

Connor: "MOMMMMMM!!! WAAAA!!!"
Jarrettt: "C'mon dude, my gums really hurt. I thought you were my BFF?"

Pictures are a little blurry b/c I took them with my phone, but I thought they were cute!

Update on Jarrett: He is looking & seems to be feeling better every day. I on the other hand, don't feel so well still. This is not good. I just want everyone to be healthy! It's not fun having a sick baby & being sick yourself. I hope this blows over soon.


  1. That is just too cute!!! Love how they are using each other for support in the video. They are going to have so much fun when they get older when they visit each other!

    Glad Jarrett is feeling better - now its time for mom to get better too :)

  2. How cute...what sweet cousins!!

    Sorry to hear you've been so sick too Bonnie. I pray you feel better real soon. Thinking of you...

  3. ha..ha..they love eachother :) LIKE I LOVE YOU! I hope you start feeling better! <3 you!

  4. So cute! Olivia was sitting in my lap when I watched the video and she thought it was hilarious! They are so cute Hope your feeling better soon! : )