Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twilight cup

You may think I'm cheesy for posing with a Burger King cup, but with a picture of Edward on it from Twilight - I DON'T CARE! (our office got us Burger King this morning for breakfast) It's almost time for Eclipse to come out in the theater & I'm so excited my mom is going to be here. Hopefully we can see it together b/c we both love the books. If only my sister could come see it with us too :( POO!

"What's that Edward? You love me too? Sorry, I'm already taken."
"I'll still give you a kissy face!"
I love Twilight!



  1. I had to laugh! You're so funny!

  2. I'm loving the cup. So are you team Edward?? If so, you about the only person I've friends that into twilight like Jacob. Le sigh...


  3. I love Twilight too!! I hope your mom can catch Eclipse with you. I can't wait to see it! Now...I'm off to Burger King. LOL>>>

  4. Oh, Miss Bonnie! I do love me some Twilight! I would be your date to the movie ANY day! Edward is yum!!

  5. I found your blog from your sisters and it is super cute! I have a wee one that may just be a few weeks older than yours!