Sunday, June 27, 2010


We're having a pretty good weekend so far. I've been cleaning & trying to get ready for Nana to arrive on Tuesday. We are so excited! I try to get some good photos of Jarrett while the sun is out & I can use natural light. He is getting sweeter every day.
I want to eat my foot!
Hope ya'll are having a good weekend! I would love to try & go swimming tonight after it cools off. We'll see if I can get Jason to go.


  1. He absolutely looks ready for Nana!!! Awww

  2. So cute! I love his crab outfit - totally adorable!

  3. Hi Bonnie! Your little guy is so adorable! Aren't they so much fun? Thanks for the comment on our blog! My sister and I have always been the best of friends and love being twins. It's nice to know that others are in the same situation with living so far away from their other half :) It is hard! Having a blog together helps keep us up to date with the daily happenings. Hope you have a great week!

  4. he's so, so cute! i see he's found his feet!