Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trip to Sam's Club

Gosh, it was hot today. My car said 113 degrees last I looked. I had to run to Sam's Club after work today to pick up my new glasses! I haven't gotten a new pair of glasses in about 6-7 years, so I'm well overdue for some. When I pulled into Sam's, I smelled Jarrett when I got him out of his car seat. MASSIVE POO POO. MASSIVE. So, I had to change his diaper out in the car in the 113 degree heat before we went inside. Gross. (but, I didn't want to get dirty looks from people if they got a whiff of that smell) We also had an issue yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work & Jarrett was chillin' on the bed. When Jason picked him up there was poo all in the bed & all over him. And, last week he was in his swing & I picked him up & there was poo all in the swing! Does anyone else ever think that poo totally misses the diaper & just goes out the side? HAHA! I'm "poo'ed" out & ready for my mom to get here. She is on a plane right now coming to see us. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

Anyways, here is my sweet boy while we were waiting for my glasses. He always gets comments on his eyes by random people. A lady came up & said what beautiful eyes he had!

There was a huge monkey & I had to take his picture with it. We love monkeys!
And, here are my new specs. I really like them, but I'm getting used to the frames.

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  1. your little poo poo boy is ADORABLE!!! i am totally loving that pic of him and the giant monkey! too cute!!
    you, my lady are so pretty! i like your new glasses!! they look fabulous!!

    hope you are having a great week so far hun!!

  2. So excited for you that mama is coming! That is wonderful! Twilight date!!

    Your boy is adorable, regardless of the poo. I know I don't have to clean up his (ahem) messes, but he has a face anyone could love. I'm loving the new glasses. You look so pretty!

  3. he needs that monkey..hahaha!

    T-A has had major blowouts too..lol..no fun!!

    love your specs..you look too cute!

  4. I really like the frames!

  5. Cooper had a blowout yesterday too. So gross!

    I have heard that when the poo/pee starts escaping you need to go up a size in the diapers. I am pushing it with the size 2 b/c Cooper is 17.5 pounds. But I want to use them all up!

  6. Your glasses are gorgeous! I love them!
    So far, Miss T has been a priss and hasn't had too many bad poo experiences... now that I say that, she'll become a messy machine!

  7. So cute! I love that big ole grin in the monkey picture...always such a happy little guy!

    My friend's baby had several "poo-splosions" as she liked to call them. NOT looking forward to that joy of motherhood!! Hopefully the elastic back of the cloth diapers we're using does what it promises...no blow outs!

  8. Have I told you lately how cute your kiddo is?? he is adorable!
    So when are you seeing Eclipse?
    Have a Happy 4th!

  9. your glasses are rockin! I love them! And Jarrett does have the cutest eyes!!

    Hayden is my poo poo boy. He poos all the time...it wears me out!

    have fun with your mommy!!

  10. Jarrett is so stinking cute!! I love your glasses too!!

    Logan was my every-diaper pooper for a long time, and through trial and error, I finally had to move him to Huggies diapers to stop the blowouts. I was a Pampers girl with Ryan, but I guess Logan has a different bodystyle or something. It will get better once they start eating more solid food!!