Monday, June 7, 2010

Long, Long Day

Well, things have gotten a little worse today, but WILL get better. I took Jarrett into the pediatrician today b/c he is still sick & he had 101.6 temp. We got there & spent about 2 hours & then she decided that we should admit him b/c his oxygen levels were low & he was having problems breathing. Plus, the fever & he hasn't been able to keep a bottle down since Friday afternoon. He has lost a pound and a half since his last appointment, but he's still a BIG boy! Good news - he had an X-ray & he doesn't have pneumonia or rsv. We were told he has bronculitis caused by a virus. We are spending the night at the hospital & Jarrett is having breathing treatments every 3 hours. Hopefully we will be going home tomorrow. Thank you for all your prayers!

Here are a few pictures I took throughout the day:

Getting checked out at the pediatrician:

Getting a breathing treatment:

Not feeling good. Leaving the pediatricians to get checked into the hospital:

Finally getting the IV in my head after 8 tries!!! Talk about a torture to watch...

Please continue to keep little J in your prayers. We appreciate it.
Love, The Browns


  1. oh these picture made me want to cry! I remember my baby getting those breathing treatments, no fun! I will be praying for your sweet boy tonight! I hope you all get to go home soon!

  2. isn't it just the worst thingin the world to watch your precious angel sick..ugh!!!!!

    the iv in the head..they said hurts less than in the hand like t-a had.

    praying for your little guy!

    and you..i know how heartbreaking and stressful it is.

  3. Oh I can't believe they put an IV in his poor little head! Poor baby! I'm glad he's getting good care and hope he'll be all better soon. ((Hugs)) I know it's stressful for you, having a sick baby staying overnight in the hospital.

  4. Carla told me about him. Hope he is feeling better! I'll keep praying for the little guy.

  5. The poor fella! Eight times brought tears to my eyes. Praying he will be lots better today.

  6. Bonnie, I am so sorry! You must be so worried and scared. Poor J - I am praying!

  7. Oh Bonnie ~ these pictures just want to make me bawl...what a sweet little boy...I'm prayin he starts feeling better soon.

    Big hugz,

  8. So sorry your little guy is sick. I know it is so hard to watch. He will bounce back soon, and I know you will be more than ready.

  9. These pictures absolutely break my heart.. I'm praying for strength for you to go through this and for little man to get to feeling better. Hang in there Bonnie!

  10. I'm so sorry your precious little guy is under the weather. The pictures killed me! Poor little Jarrett. I hope he starts to feel much better real soon. Give him lots of hugs from us. If you need anything, please call.
    Thinking of you guys and sending lots of love.

  11. That is the saddest little baby face I've ever seen!! Lots of T&Ps your way for a speedy recovery!

  12. 8 tries?!?!

    Poor baby, that breaks my heart.

    Hope he gets better SOON!

  13. I am so sorry! I hope he is better today! Saying prayers that he heals fast! Hope you and daddy get some rest too! :)

  14. Poor thing! He looks so pitiful. I am praying for a quick recovery.