Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was the hubby's Birthday & we both didn't schedule to go back to work until tomorrow. I ran around all day & got groceries. I also went by the Cupcakery & got some cupcakes for Jason's B-day. That place is so good! We both were still pretty worn out from traveling. Anyways, here are a few more pictures from last weekend with the family.

Jarrett's second plane ride:

My beautiful boy:

Jarrett kept leaning on Connor & then trying to suck on his face. It was so funny! Connor got upset & then Jarrett got upset. They were so cute:

My family:

I stole these pictures from my sisters blog b/c I liked the writing she put on them! These are pictures we took at the mall. I finally tried a Godiva chocolate elixir - SO YUMMY!

We also had our morning Starbucks, haha!

Me, Becky & our cousin Lindsey with our chocolate elixirs:

We got to eat at McAlister's TWICE. Becky & I used to work there when we were 16 years old. We had to go get a piece of chocolate spoon cake!

I was a little disappointed b/c I got a veggie sandwich & all it had on it was tomato & a slice of cheese. But, at least I had a side of honey mustard to go with it :P

My Munchkin before bedtime one night. I had to play around with my sister's fancy camera:

Classic Jarrett face :D

Me holding my precious nephew. He is SO sweet & I am just crazy about him. He is such a sweet baby!

Thank you for all the sweet comments & advice on car seats. I promise to catch on my blog reading soon! But, for now...its off to bed! <3 Bon


  1. That cake looks yummy! I'd be a little upset about the veggie sandwich as well!

  2. those eyes just kill me! they are so blue!