Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 months old!

My dear sweet angel boy ~ you are 6 months old today! I never knew my life could be filled with so much joy. I love your sweet smile & your silly giggle. You are growing so much every single day & I love experiencing life through your eyes. You are a beautiful, sweet spirit & I love you so much. You & your daddy are my everything.

A few stats: You are drinking 30+ ounces of formula a day & eating 2 jars of baby food (1 vegetable/1 fruit). You LOVE to eat! You are in a size 3 diaper & wearing 9-12 month clothing. You can still fit into a FEW 6 month outfits. You are wearing a size 2 shoe. Today at your doctor's appointment you weighed 18 pounds on the dot! You were 27 inches long & you are in the 55% for your age. You are rolling over now & I think you will be crawling within the next month or two. I'm trying so hard to get you to say "Ma-Ma", but all that has come out so far is babble. I love your babble & you are doing more of it each day. You are spoiled b/c you get held so much. (not that I mind holding you every single time you cry)

You are the light of your mommy & daddy's world. We will do anything & everything we can so that you will have a happy & wonderful life. We love you our sweet baby boy!

Here are some pictures I took today after his doctor's appointment. And, by the way, Jarrett is doing awesome! He is feeling 100% better than when he went into the hospital. We are so thankful God has healed his little body.

Sweet Smiles
Beautiful Blue Eyes
Silly Little Grin
A few comparison photos. This is Jarrett at 1 month old. He has gotten so big!
Then: This is Jarrett at 2 months old:
Now leave me alone... I just wanna eat my monkey!



  1. Happy 6th month birthday Jarrett! You are such a cutie! I love your little smile/grin :) Too cute!

  2. What a doll! Before you know it you'll be blowing out his one year birthday candle- enjoy the little days, I miss them! (How convenient I'm baby hungry and prego, right!?)

    Oh, and I love sock monkeys!

  3. aw!! your little guy is just a stud muffin!! he has the cutest smile! he is going to be bigger than that sock monkey before ya know it! ;)

    p.s. i LOVE the names of your pups as well! i noticed them when i first stopped by...didn't forgot because my guy's name is billy ;)

  4. how is he already 6 months!? happy half birthday little guy!

    and I love that outfit!

  5. he just keeps getting more precious!!!!