Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back from LA...with the flu!

So, I got back last night from the convention in LA. I drove us the entire way there & back. I've been fighting congestion & allergies for weeks now, but after I got home last night my throat started to ache BAD, my ears were popping with fluid & my head was pounding. I woke up this morning & I knew I needed to go to the doctor. I got to the doctor & I had 100.5 temp & the doctor said I had an infection (I can't remember exactly what kind he said). He prescribed me a Z-pack & gave me a steroid shot in my fanny. I hope I feel better soon, because I'm so tired of not feeling well & I can't miss more work. My head is still pounding, but I thought I would make a quick post & play catch up. I had a good time in LA, minus all the driving. It was my first time driving there & I was a little nervous, but I think I did good.

Me & my sweet friend Maria posing outside a rest stop on the way there:
I saw the most awesome 'Business Hours" sign ever. I had to take a picture of it. I seriously wish we could change our hours to these, ha! It was at some rest stop that looked like a barn converted to a mom & pop shop. I think it was called "The Desert Star":
Me at dinner one night (cell phone pic):
Standing in front of some balloons:
Maria (my roomie!)

They also had like 7 or 8 Starbucks stands all around for us in the morning. The coffee was really good & they had pumps of Vanilla, Hazelnut or Cinnamon you could put in your coffee. Along with a bunch of teas to choose from. I had to take a picture for my sister b/c we love some Starbucks:
Our room was really nice at the LAX Marriott!

Nice pool, but it was to cold to swim:
Pool at night:
I missed my little man so much! After my doctors appointment today, Jarrett had a check-up too. He had to get 4 shots & I hate watching him cry when getting shots, but he seems to recover quickly. Jason said he could really tell that he missed while I was gone. (that made me feel good ;)
At his check-up he weighed 17 pounds & 4 ounces (BIG boy!) & was a little over 25 inches long. He is in the 75% for weight & the 50% for height.

I was in the elevator going to his appointment & an older black lady was in there with us. She started talking to Jarrett & she said "Can you say Gerber? Can you say scholarship fund?!" I thought that was so funny. Lots of people say he looks like a little Gerber baby. I just think he's perfect!

Here are a few cute pics I took of him a few days ago. I get comments on his blue eyes all the time. They are so beautiful.
I got these jammies at Wal-Mart for $5. Aren't they cute!
I missed these little boo-boo's too! They really love Jarrett.

Well, that's all that is going on with us right now. I'm glad to be back, but it stinks to be sick...AGAIN. Please pray that this Z-pack will work & I'll feel like myself soon.
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  1. So sorry you're sick! I hate being sick... especially as a momma.
    Love the sign on the store's door... that totally cracks me up and would have been perfect for my parents' now closed hardware store. That's about how we rolled.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed LA! My hubbs and I stayed at the LAX Marriott on our wedding night. Not super romantic, but we had a 5 am flight to Saint Lucia the next morning! Plus, romance can be found wherever you make it, right?
    I hope you feel better soon and I'm sure Jarrett is so happy to have his mama home!

  3. He does have some pretty blue eyes! And I love his face in that last pic. He looks so serious!

  4. I need to get to walmart! you have gotten J the cutest clothes there.

    sorry you are sick. try the neti pot! it clears up my sinus infections super fast.

  5. I'm glad you had a good trip. It looks like a really nice hotel. I hope you get well soon. Jarrett looks like a perfect little doll with his little round face. :) He's so cute!

  6. Oh no. I hope you feel better soon lady! And look how big he's getting!

  7. oh no! I hope you get to feeling better SOON!!!

    I think Jarrett has your eyes....they sure are pretty!!

  8. glad you had a good trip!! that you pic of you and Jarrett is precious!