Sunday, May 23, 2010

All spiked up

This is basically just a picture post of a few shots I took of Jarrett over the weekend. I cleaned all day today b/c it was the first day I felt like doing anything. Now Jason is not feeling well. Please pray we are all feeling better soon b/c nothing is going to stop me from going to Dallas next weekend! (well, it would have to be something pretty BIG)

I tried to spike Jarrett's hair. I got a little spike in the back & I took a few pics with my phone. Isn't he presh?:

Then, we took a bath a little later. This is probably Jarrett's favorite time of the day - bath time. He LOVES his baths!

Whats up ladies?...

I was cleaning for a long time & then I cooked dinner. Jarrett was being so good & quiet. I left him watching Sprout & I walked in finding him like this. He's such a sweet angel. How did I get such a good kid?

Then he woke up. Probably dreaming about Nina from the Goodnight show. Jason always teases that he thinks Jarrett has a crush on her!

And, is a cute little video I took of the booger tonight laughing with daddy. He is so stinkin' cute!



  1. hehe...itty bitty spikes!!!

    omg..i can't wait to hear all about your dallas posts!!

  2. CUTE spikes!!! He is super cute! :) Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!