Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Today we got up & got ready to go to church at Central Christian. I had Jarrett in my arms & we were walking out the door when Jason's Uncle called & said there was probably a thousand people at Easter service. By the time we got there & got Jarrett checked into the daycare, the service would've been over. I'm really sad we didn't make it. I guess it is poor planning on our part. But, we were walking out the door 30 minutes before service! I really would've loved to have gone to church with my family back home in Arkansas. My mom & dad are in the choir at their church & they had an Easter program. I would've loved to have seen it.

Anyways, we were all dressed & ready to go out. We decided to go walk around Town Square. It was a beautiful day in Vegas & we had a great time walking around with Jarrett outside. We went by H&M & Jason found Jarrett a Star Wars T-shirt for $6.00. He was excited. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but Jarrett's daddy is!

Here are a few pictures we took this morning all dressed up. WARNING - Picture overload ahead!

Nana sent Jarrett this penguin & bunny for Easter, along with a picture frame that says "I love Nana" & some chocolate for mommy (which is long gone by now!)

We headed over to Grandma Norman's house around 12:30 to have lunch with the family. Lunch was so YUMMY! I made a fruit salad & it turned out really good.

Grammy lovin' on Jarrett:

Grandma Norman & Jarrett:

Aunt Rebecca & Jarrett:

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!!!
<3 The Browns


  1. I love the shirt that you're wearing in the pictures! Very bright and pretty!

    Jason has lost weight!

  2. Great pictures!!! Love your Easter outfit too!