Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few recaps

A few updates on the Browns (These pictures were taken with the camera phone, so they're not great. But, the camera phone is so handy!):

I'm sorry I have been to tired to blog lately. I was in a class all day today & I've been dragging my feet all week. Maybe it is trying to get back into the routine of working every day.

At least I've been getting to keep my sweet baby up there with me for a little while during the day!

On another note, I have GOT to start eating better. I don't know if I should try & do Weight Watchers or count my calories. I've never been good at keeping up with stuff like that. I always get distracted & forget what I put in my mouth. I'm at the heaviest I've ever been in my life. Yes, I know I only gave birth 2 months ago, but I can't stand to live with myself like this. Starting Monday I'm going to TRY to make it a goal to stop drinking cokes (I've really needed the caffeine!) & to drink more water & try to eat better. I love sweets & it has always been a weakness of mine. When I went home my dad bought a few caramel cadbury eggs. BAD DADDY! I've been eating those almost every day now! Well, lets hope I can have the willpower (and hopefully support from my hubby) to get feeling better about myself & lose some weight.

***By the way, Jason has lost 71 pounds as of today when he went to the doctor & I'm so proud of him. When I'm gaining, he is losing - NO FAIR!

I got Jarrett & Connor the cutest baby outfits at BabiesRUs. I wanted to get one for Jarrett & I just had to get one for Connor too! Of course, they are going to be best buds. And, I know me & Becky are going to want to dress our boys alike!

Today I got a package from "Nana" (my mom) & she sent Jarrett the cutest little summer outfits!

And, here are a few pictures from tonight. Jarrett does night like to wait for his bottle to be warmed. When he is hungry, he wants it NOW,

"I'm so hungry i could eat a buttered monkey!"

Jarrett enjoying his mobile & kicking away in his crib:

That is all for now! Hope ya'll are having a good week :)


  1. Cute, cute little boy!

    Congrats to your husband on losing the weight!!

    Honestly, I would start with making small changes to what you eat. I know you're tired and stressed out and I know when I try to diet when I'm like that - it makes it even worse!

    We're cooking WW recipes and counting calories instead of points. It's working pretty well so far. I'm down my 5 pounds from Christmas and I think Chris is down 25?

  2. He is too too precious!!
    And WOW for you husband losing 71 pounds, can I get some of the water he's drinking?!?!

  3. Did you hear me clapping for your hubby! So PROUD! Perhaps you can start cooking dinner together and look for some low cal recipes. The weather will be turning nice soon so you will be taking long walks with the baby so that will help. Just take baby steps and it will all come together.

  4. Cuteness!!

    Hey, don't be too hard on yourself girl! You will loose the weight, just give it time.

    That is one thing no one told me after having a baby. I wanted my body back, but it took time.

    Have fun and enjoy that baby :)

  5. oh and I love weight watchers!!! so, if you are thinking of doing something...i log all my food into an online journal. So easy and I don't feel like I am dieting!

  6. It is so hard for me to eat good too!! I also love sweets, I love chocolate. I could eat chocolate and drink pop all day long! I do feel a lot better though when I stay away from those things, especially pop. It's not fair that those things go straight to my hips!!!

  7. What a cutie he is! Thanks for saying hi on my blog the other day :) Congrats on your sweet baby boy!

  8. Super Cute lilman. I love baby Chub!! Don't be to hard on yourself. It will come!!