Saturday, January 9, 2010


Jason & I closed on our house October 9, 2009. Construction was done at the end of October & we moved in over Halloween weekend. We have been without a fridge since that time...until TODAY! We FINALLY got a fridge & a microwave! I have cried my last tear over our horrible mortgage company & trying to get our appliances. I think I'm still in shock right now that we actually have them. The contractors are coming back next week to install the microwave, but the fridge was hooked up today.

BEFORE (we luckily got to use a small fridge from Jason's work that they were going to throw out):


Isn't she a beauty!?

And, here is the old, ugly microwave that doesn't even work:

It will be replaced by a stainless steel microwave that matches the fridge:

We are SO excited! Thank you Jesus for appliances!

Also, Mrs. Lucy came by to see us today. She works at a different property than me, but we work under the same management company. I love her so much! She has the sweetest heart & I'm so thankful to know her. She brought Jarrett a bunch of adorable clothes. Thank you Lucy! (He slept in her arms during the entire visit, then when I wanted to take a picture he threw a fit!)

Tomorrow we are going to visit a new church with Jason's Aunt & Uncle. We are going to Central Christian Church. This will be Jarrett's first trip to church. I am so excited & I hope that everything goes well & we really like it.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new appliances - congrats! They are beautiful and will add so much drama to your kitchen. Big hugs! :o)

  2. Love your new appliances!! Beautiful!! And your sweet baby boy is adorable...

    please follow me:

  3. Wow, I can't believe you've been living with a tiny fridge and no microwave. Your new fridge does look beautiful! :)

    I hope you all enjoy church tomorrow!

  4. Bless your heart - a mini fridge and no microwave! The new fridge is wonderful!

    So happy for you guys Bonnie... I know you waited so long for that fridge! Soon you'll have to microwave up and running too...what a relief for you :)
    The fridge looks great!

  6. I have NO idea how you made it with a tiny fridge, girl! We have the exact same refrigerator you got! Not to be a party pooper, but quick, hurry, get a surge protector and plug that baby into it PRONTO. Ours is less than 3 years old and one day decided to quit working. Some computer part or something went out in it and it costs us 400 bucks to replace. And of course, the repair guy said it probably would have been prevented by having it plugged into a surge protector. So, just sayin', spend the ten bucks and plug 'er in. ;) Isn't it something that in this day and time we have to plug our appliances into surge protectors because of all the computer parts in them? Cuh-ray-zee!