Saturday, December 26, 2009


It is so crazy to think now I have a family. I have a son. I feel so blessed after waiting so long to have a baby. Now I have a perfect little blessing & I couldn't be happier. Even though I already feel sleep deprived, my body is still aching from a c-section & my boobs hurt SO bad, it is worth it. We took a few pictures as a family last night. This Christmas was different than Christmases of the past, but we got the best gift ever this year:



  1. I don't think there could be a better Christmas present than becoming a mommy :) You'll be starting the year off and it will be new and exciting!

  2. That is the best Christmas present! Don't worry the painful boobs and recovering from the c-section be over before you know it. You look great! Congrats again! Jarrett is so cute!

  3. You look so great after just giving birth!!! He is so cute. Definetly a Christmas blessing!

  4. I love the Christmas look amazing!! Your munchkin is adorable...what an amazing blessing!

  5. i hope you feel better soon and i am so happy you got such a lovely present this year. xo

  6. Oh, he's adorable!
    And girl---your hair looks fabulous!

    The mom stuff: isn't it just amazing and sometimes overwhelming? This AMAZING love that you've suddenly got, and you go to the ends of the earth for this little being? I know it was amazing and overwhelming for me.
    Congratulations again.

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your son!! My son was also a Christmas baby and it was a truly special Christmas.

    BTW, there are several Skippy Jon Jones books and Trey absolutely loves them. I read them out loud to him and use my best fake Mexican accent and he just laughs his little butt off. Read to him everyday and it will be a surprisingly short period of time before he will be reading to YOU.


  8. He is BEAUTIFUL!!! He looks like he has gorgeous skin! Precious, precious, precious...