Thursday, December 10, 2009

Billie Bean Baby & Swelling Feet

We are getting Billie Bean spayed on Monday. She is so tiny it makes me nervous to leave my baby at the vet to have surgery. But, I know its for the best. She is almost 5 years old now & we were told that Nevada is trying to pass a law that you are REQUIRED to have your pet fixed by April 2010. I've been wanting to get her spayed for a while now because your dog usually lives longer & I wanted to have it done before we have the baby. Honestly, we should've had her spayed a lot sooner than now. Milton was neutered YEARS ago. Milton is now 6 years old. I love my doggies so much & they have been a big part of our family. It will be interesting to see how they do with a new baby. Our dogs would never hurt anyone. They are the sweetest fur babies ever, but I know our new baby will take priority over the dogs.

Here are a few old pictures of Billie Bean taken right when we got her. I love how much my dogs LOVE each other. I can't imagine having one without the other.

This picture was taken the night we got her & brought her home (June 3, 2005). Jason got her for me as a Birthday present:

And, onto another topic... I don't have another doctor's appointment until next Thursday, December 17th & then I see him every week after that. My legs, feet & ankles are SO swollen by the end of the day. I tried to take some pictures with my camera phone to commemorate this wonderful last month of pregnancy. My hubby has been so good about putting lotion on & rubbing my feet. It feels like I have water floating around my feet.
I hope these don't gross you out, but you can totally see where my shoe is cutting off my feet & my ankles look huge!



  1. Oh, I remember my ankles looking just like that! I was so glad to get my skinny ankles back right after the baby was born. :)

    I hope your little Billie Bean has a quick recovery after her little surgery.

  2. You poor thing!!! The last stretch is the hardest!!

    Wishing Billie Bean a speedy recovery!

  3. Your poor feet! Before you know it, they'll be back to normal. Mine haven't swelled yet - but I don't spend my days on my feet. With my first pregnancy, I had zero swelling until after he was born. Then they swelled up like baloons... they said it was from all the fluids. Ugh.

  4. i am sorry about your feet.

    how much i love little billie bean.

  5. poor feet!!

    Hope Billie Bean has a quick recovery!!

  6. Your dogs are so stinkin cute!!