Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Gown, Billie Bean & Centerpieces

I got Jarrett's "bringing home" gown in today. I ordered this gown from Bella Bliss & had it monogrammed with his initials. It is so soft & has a light blue trim around the collar & sleeves. I love it! I also joined their Facebook page & the girl gave me a 20% off discount coupon code.

I think I'm just about set now. I started packing a hospital bag for myself last night making sure everything is washed & ready to go. I'm getting so excited!

An update on Billie Bean - she is doing better! When I picked her up from the vet it was so funny b/c she was SO drugged up! She was completely out of it & couldn't keep her eyes open. She was a little more alert yesterday & I hope when I get home today, she will be even more like herself. Here is a picture of my precious baby on the way home from the vet after getting spayed:

Also, our corporate Christmas Party is tomorrow night. Our office was asked to make the centerpieces for the tables. I worked on those bows forever! I made them all by hand:



  1. Gosh...I'm glad you're doing this before me because I haven't even thought about a "coming home" outfit.
    Ugh...there is SO much to think about.

  2. I LOVE the coming home outfit - it is just precious! And poor little bean - hope he feels better soon - the poor little guy. :o)

  3. The nursery: rocks.
    Love it.
    Love Love LOVE it!

    Don't you dare ever get rid of that bedding before contacting me!

  4. The gown is so sweet! I love little gowns like that and that monogram just makes it perfect!!

    The centerpieces turned out so cute, good job!

  5. Awwwwww, adorable. I loved the gowns. So much easier to change the diapers!

  6. SO happy for you. Babies are great!