Wednesday, November 11, 2009

32 weeks & some pups want to say HI!

Only 10 more days until I go home! I am counting down the days. I can't wait to see my family & friends in Arkansas. I'm a little nervous about flying at almost 34 weeks, but I think I'll be okay. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow & my doctor will make sure everything is still okay for me to fly home. I'm getting SO big! Here is a picture I texted my mom, dad & sister tonight. The belly is surely growing & Jarrett has been kicking like crazy!

Also, Milton & Billie are adapting to the new house well. They are such good doggies & they wanted to say "hi" :)



  1. Your tummy looks so cute Bonnie!!

    Milton and Billie Bean crack me right up! They are so tiny and so stinkin' cute!!!!!

    Also, love your new header and background. It's so nice. You're so talented.

    Have a great day!

  2. Such cute little puppies =) And such a cute momma too!!

  3. Awww... you look so cute pregnant and your puppies are adorable! One of my favorite things when I was pregnant with my daughter was when I would lay down at night and she would start tossing and turning and her feet and hands would stick out of my belly making me look like I had an alien coming out of my stomach - ha! Enjoy your trip home to Arkansas - I really miss home. :o(

  4. Love that baby bump - it's so stinking cute!!! I need your address as I'm unsure if I'll be in town during your shower...

    BTW, I live in the subdivision directly across from that church! The Falls!!!

  5. I love milton and Billie!

    I love your belly and secretly want it.

    Love the background, btw!