Monday, October 19, 2009

Update on Glucose test, our new neighborhood & progress on the house

WARNING! This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures. I might have repeated myself several times or misspelled things b/c it took me a long time to post these pics & I was tired!

FYI - I passed the glucose test with flying colors. The nurse said they look for a # under 135 & mine was at 108. So, that is great! The orange drink wasn't that bad at all. It tasted like a very sweet orange soda. I was expecting a lot worse & it was nothing.

House Update - We went by the house Saturday night. We are making progress! The house is mostly painted. They need to finish painting the bathrooms & the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are painted. Jason & I have bought all new hardware to go on the cabinets, new light fixtures/fans, new faucets for every sink, new knobs for every door, new outlet/switch covers, a new toilet for one of the bathrooms, new toilet paper & towel holders, etc. This house will almost be brand new when were done with it! The flooring was all ripped up & I think they will start installing it tomorrow. The master bathroom shower is torn apart to the studs & they are installing a new shower. It seems like a lot is going on right now, but the progress is going well. Here are a few pictures of the progress.

Our new neighborhood. It is a small gated community with 2 pools/hot tubs & a tennis court. The pool will be a fun place to take Jarrett next summer. And hey, those INSANELY high HOA fees gotta go towards something:

Here are a few pictures of the house. BEFORE pictures(taken on 8/15/09)& PROGRESS pictures (taken on 10/10/09):

Living Room before:

Still in progress (hopefully wood will be laid soon!):

Atrium before:

Atrium still in progress. I really don't know what to do with this atrium. Anyone have ideas? I want to take out all the rock & either put a deck down or pavers.

Looking by the atrium down the hall:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after. We are buying a new microwave & fridge. We painted the cabinets an antique white & are having a brown/mauve ceramic tile put down. They still need to paint the tan color behind the cabinets & I think that will really make them "pop". We want to change the countertops someday in the future, but it is not in our budget right now. Maybe within the next few years:

Dining room before:

Dining room in progress. I bought a white ceiling fan I'm going to hang in the dining area b/c there is not one in the living room:

Jarrett's bedroom will look out onto the Atrium & is connected to the hall bath. This is his room before:

Jarrett's room still in progress. ALL bedrooms are getting new carpet. Well, the entire house is getting new flooring:

Hall bathroom before:

Hall bathroom in progress. It is still being painted & we bought a new faucet & light fixture. Brown ceramic tile will be going down:

Guest bedroom/office:

This is the other bedroom we will be using as a guest bedroom/office. We took down that tacky fan. Right now the painted kitchen drawers are drying in there:

Master bedroom before:

Master bedroom in progress. We bought a new ceiling fan to put in here:

Master bathroom before:

Master bathroom still in progress. The shower has been torn down to the studs to make way for a brand new shower. This room will also get ceramic tile:

Laundry room. The laundry room hasn't changed much. They painted all of the cabinets & are painting the walls tan. Ceramic tile will also go down in this room:

Well, that is all I have for now. I think it is starting to come together & we are so thankful to finally be owning a home. I will post more pics as the house progresses in the next week or so. Hopefully they will have the flooring down soon.

Love you all & thankyou for all of your prayers & support during this time. Real Estate + being pregnant = VERY stressful!


  1. Love the new layout!

    The neighborhood is very cute! I would be enjoying that pool and hot tub!!

    Very cute house and I love to see the work in progress!

  2. Great house! How fun to make it all yours! It looks like it's really coming together!

  3. wow! it is really coming along, bon bon. love it and cannot wait to visit.

  4. The house is looking good! What a great looking neighborhood and house.

  5. WOW - I love all of your changes and can't wait to see the finished product! ;o)

  6. wowzers...that's a lot of work being done!

    Cute house!!

    I don't think I could live in a gated community..I would go

  7. COngrats on passing the glucose test!!

    What a GREAT house!! I totally envy your laundry room =)

  8. Hey.
    Thanks for commenting...I haven't visited your blog in a while and now I'm addicted again.
    Where is your new house? It looks like a cute little neighborhood. And, I TOTALLY hear you about HOA fees. We are in the process of buying a house...and they are unbelievable.
    I have my glucose test next time...and pointers?

  9. Email me so we can do all this chatting in private next time!
    OMG...$245/month HOA fees? Why so much? Ours is $45 and we're in SUMMERLIN. What the heck!
    My doctor is Dr. Swainston in Summerlin on Lake Mead. He also delivers at Summerlin Hospital...which is nice because it's about 5 minutes from the house.
    I've heard the glucose test isn't bad UNLESS you fail...then you have to go sit at the doctor's office and take a 5 hour test...getting blood drawn 4 times in 5 hours!
    Thanks for the Firehouse Subs location. I am going there ASAP. Have you tried to find good Southern food in town? I am convinced it doesn't exist.

  10. I don't know where to start!

    First of all, I LOVE his name. And the blog layout looks great. How exciting that your sister is having a boy too! That's will be so fun for you guys to go through this together with babies the same age and same gender. I wonder if they'll look similar?

    And lastly, I can imagine a new house AND renovations AND pregnancy AND being close to the holiday season would be stressful. However, it looks amazing and I hope you can relax and enjoy this time! The kitchen doesn't even look like the same place!

    Take care and oh, one more thing...congrats on passing the glucose test!