Tuesday, October 13, 2009

28 week belly pic & some kickin'

Here is my 28 week belly pic. I'm not happy with the way my hair looks in this pic, but oh well! I think after the baby my hair will be left curly a LOT more. Jason came by my office before I got off work & he took a pic of me standing in front of the fall festival tree! I am definitely getting bigger & Jarrett is kicking a LOT more. It is so neat to feel him inside me. I have been so tired lately. I'm ready to get everything moved into our new house & I want to put up my Christmas tree as soon as me move, ha! We didn't get to put it out last year, so I'm leaving it out extra long this year :)

Jason finally felt the baby move a few days. We played this video for him & put headphones to my stomach. He did 2 hard kicks & Jason felt them...he has felt him a few times since then. I'm mainly posting this video so my sister can do the same thing for Conner! Play him music Beck ;) LOVE YOU SIDDER!



  1. Yay! How exciting to feel him kicking! You look so pretty in your picture!

  2. You look great! I love the name your guys picked for your little guy!
    I have been sick with the flu and behind on all my blog visits!
    Take care and enjoy the cooler weather!!