Thursday, September 3, 2009

22 weeks & A Name

I had my monthly appointment today. The doctor said everything looked perfect. I'm measuring at exactly 22 weeks today. They said he has "long arms & legs"...wonder if that means he will be tall? My mom is 6 feet tall, so that is a possibility! He is 1.1 lbs. & in a breech position right now, but that doesn't mean anything. He had his back to us during the ultrasound. His heartrate was great. We also confirmed he IS A BOY! I've only gained 2 lbs. so far during the pregnancy & they said I need to drink a lot more water. They said I should be drinking A GALLON A DAY! I'm not so sure about that. The doctor also said I probably can't feel the baby b/c my placenta is between me & the baby. I should be able to feel him soon.

Here are the pics from the ultrasound today:

I think we have also decided on a name:

Jarrett Coleman Brown

This name has been the front runner with our family, so I think we are pretty much decided on it. I don't think our minds will change, ha ;) I really like the name & we have been calling him "Jarrett", so it's pretty settled!


  1. Love the name! Wow, your mom is 6' tall? Are you and and Becky tall? I always assumed you were average height for some reason. I'm 6'1" and taller than both my parents (mom is 5'10" and dad 6') so between me and my 6'3" husband I expect our kids to be giants.

  2. Love the name!! and did you say you've only gained 2 pounds this whole pregnancy so far??! you go girl!

  3. That is a really cute name! It will be so exciting when you can feel him move!

  4. Bonnie I love the name you picked out; SOOO cute! You are SOOO lucky to have only gained 2 pounds!! I have gained 25 pounds!!! Yeek! Glad to hear that everything is going well and that you had a good Dr appt! :)

  5. What a cute bitty baby!! :)

    Cute name! Congrats on deciding!!

  6. Yea! I'm so glad you got to see him moving around and got an explaination as to why you haven't felt him.

    LOVE the name! Very cute!!

  7. yay!! baby is good..that's awesome!!

    omg..i prob need to drink more water!

  8. Can't wait for Baby Jarrett to get here!!

  9. Congrats! On the news and picking a name you like so soon lol

  10. I really like that's different but in a really good way! I am totally excited for you guys!!

  11. Bonnie~ i am so jealous. i really miss being prego!! and what's this about you only gaining 2 lbs???

    by the way i love the name!!!

    oh and about the monogrammed onesie. there is a little shop inside the walmart where i live and my friend had it monogrammed there.

  12. Love the name you've chosen. So cute :) Can't wait for you to start feeling him move! It is the best feeling in the world! So happy for you Bonnie :)

  13. Love the name. And so glad you found out why you've had trouble feeling kicks.

    As for the 2 lbs. WOW! I'm certainly impressed...or maybe "jealous" would be a better word!!!

    You look adorable! And I love the school picts. Did I spot a "Nellie Olsen" hair-do in one of those picts? That's okay, I had one too! I thought is was sooo incredibly cool at the time.