Friday, August 14, 2009

New Cell Phones & Update on Baby Boy Brown

Woo-hoo! After 2 years of having the same phone & all of the buttons falling off, I got a new phone. Jason & I got the new T-mobile My Touch 3G. We were going to switch to AT&T & get iPhones, but it was cheaper in the end to just stick with T-mobile & get the My Touch phones. I am really liking mine & it has gmail & google chat built in. It has all kinds of apps you can put on your phone for free. I even got an app for the way my phone looks, the wallpaper/buttons are none other than TWILIGHT, of course!! :)

This isn't a great pic, but you can see all my app buttons are Twilight themed too:

Jason got his phone in black & mine is in merlot. I went back to the T-mobile store on Tuesday & got the gel covers b/c I already dropped mine the 2nd day I had it & the back fell off! The gel cover is nice & I love it.

***UPDATE***I had another check-up yesterday. I'm about 19 weeks along now & I'm really not showing much. The baby is measuring around 20 weeks. I've gained only 1 lb. since my first appointment in May. But, I was sick for a while & had lost a few lbs. I'm sure at this stage of my pregnancy I'll start packing them on. I have still been a little sick to my stomach at times.

Things that sound really good to me:
Firehouse veggie sub w/ extra hot sauce
salad (specifically Olive Garden)
Supreme Pizza (I even eat the sausage off of it!)

I'll try to get a new belly shot on here soon, but like I said, I don't really look that different. I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning before my OB appointment & she said if I hadn't told her I was pregnant, she would've done my X-rays. I had to wait AN HOUR AND A HALF before my OB called me back to my appointment. I walked into the small waiting room that seats 10 people & there were 21 people standing in the room. (I counted them) It was funny b/c all of the ladies were seated & the men were standing. The only man sitting got up & gave me his seat. So sweet! Then, when I finally got called back he only saw me for about 10 minutes. I've been having a really sharp pain going up my right side under my rear end. Anytime I put weight on my right leg, the pain shoots up my rear. He said it was my sciatic nerve & there wasn't much to do about it, but to hope it goes away. I could hardly walk around & stand up while I was at Sams Club & Wal-Mart last weekend. It is so painful!

Anyways, here is the latest pic. This picture isn't great quality. I think my doctor has one really good machine he uses at the milestone appointments & then another that he just checks things up on. But, he said everything looked great. We heard the heartbeat & it sounded good. We still haven't decided on a name! Send suggestions if you have them!



  1. Awesome! I want a new phone, but I've only had mine a year. I need to stick it out! LOL I have the LG Shine (or Slide??) and I hate it!

  2. Love your new phone Bonnie! You're sure hip and cool! He he! :) Mine is sort of old. I'm fine with it though, for now. At one point though, I need to join the real world and at least get one with a keyboard!!

    I had sciatic pain when I was pregnant with Jeven too. It was painful every step I took. But it didn't last long at all (I think less than a week). I hope yours goes away very soon!

    Your Olive Garden comment made me want it right now! I think I know where I'll be eating today! MMMMM!

    Also, loved the pic. of Baby Brown. So cute!

  3. gosh that sounds like one busy doctor's office! Glad you are doing good! YAY for new phones!!

  4. You are going to love being the mommy of a little boy!!! I highly recommend it. :) So thrilled for you.......... Leslie

  5. i am trying to get the hubs to get a new phone, he has the old razor and it has no outside screen. i want to get him a motorola tundra (cause they are indestructible), but he won't let me cause they aren't free and his phone still works UGH!

    i got a name for you: aaron matthew

    anyway, what month are you and the sis looking at having your showers? i like to plan way ahead, cause i got a list of some great gifts that i can't live without. what colors do you prefer for your boy? traditional or other stuff, let me know.

  6. I love the phone and the cute baby brown pic! I hope the pain goes away soon :)

  7. Congrats on the baby boy! Don't worry about not showing...I feel like one day I didn't show and the next day I couldn't fit into any of my clothes! :) Thanks for commenting on my site. I cannot wait to follow your progress! Take Care!

  8. One pound!! That's incredible!!!!
    Glad your little boy is healthy and doing well =)

  9. Oh, it is so cute! My phone is merlot as well so GOOD CHOICE!

  10. Hey Bonnie - I've been having what sounds like the same pain. I finally tried to do some walking and it has gone away. I think most of it has to do with the fact that the baby is positioned differently. It has literally taken me weeks to get to where I could walk (without limping), so I took advantage of it one day and it just went away.

    I'm sooo very sorry. It's absolutely horrible. I expect it might come back. My doctor banned me from any more exercise because of my history of pre-term labor and delivery!

  11. I had sciatic nerve pain too for a while and it was SO annoying! I was glad when it stopped hurting. Now I have a weird shoulder pain on the right side(I think from computering all day long at work). Glad to hear your baby boy is doing so well!