Monday, August 10, 2009

Food I miss from Arkansas...

You would think Las Vegas has a pretty good selection of places to eat, right??? But, Jason & I are constantly talking about all the food we miss from Arkansas. I don't think people on the west coast know what southern cooking is!? And, why do NO Mexican restaurants here have white cheese dip? If you went to any Mexican place in Arkansas, white cheese dip was ALWAYS on the menu. So, today...I'm paying tribute to all the places we love & miss from Arkansas that we don't have here in Vegas.

CRACKER BARREL - Oh how I miss the macaroni & cheese. Jason misses the meatloaf.

White Cheese Dip - Our favorite restaurant was "El Porton" in LR & NLR. If I ask anyone in Vegas why the Mexican restaurants around here don't have white cheese dip, they have no clue what I'm talking about. They have NEVER heard of white cheese dip!

Backyard Burgers - My fav was the Blackened Chicken Sandwich w/o slaw. Jason loves these too.

Shakes Frozen Custard - This is one of mine. I loved the Chocolate custard with Reeses cups or the Vanilla with strawberries!


Whole Hog Cafe - This is one that Jason really misses. They have awesome barbecue & a lot of sauces to choose from. I'm a sauce person. I dip EVERYTHING in something.

Everytime I go home I try to get my fill of food from these places. Vegas has some good places to eat, but a lot of them are fancy & I can't find anyplace that has "home cooking" as good as Cracker Barrel. Maybe its all the pregnancy cravings lately, but I MISS YOU ARKANSAS!



  1. Eeek! I can't believe they don't have some of these places!

    I love some Cracker Barrell! It's delish!

    White Cheese dip - seriously, it's not on the menu?!?! We ALWAYS get a white cheese dip when we eat Mexican!

    And Whole Hog - Conway has one of these now!!! Yum! BBQ Nachos!!

    Seriously, Cracker Barrell, El Porton, and Whole Hog are all within 5 miles of my work. I wish I could email ya some!

  2. whole hog cafe and all those sauces look tasty!!!!


  3. This post is making me hungry! I cannot believe that you don't have Cracker Barrel out there. All of those places looks so good, especially the Mexican restaurant.

  4. ah! now i'm gonna be craving thier meatloaf..eek. we have a cb about an hour from here!

    Well my Dr. said I would feel her early because of the m/c..cause my uterus had stretched some.
    I've felt her since about 15 and a half weeks.

    I's mostly when I'm sitting at the computer or laying feels like a bird flapping it's wings!

    I'm sure you'll feel him soon!

  5. No Cracker Barrel!!!

    No white cheese dip!!!!

    I don't think I could live out there. I always tell my husband that I could never live anywhere without a Chick-fil-a. Now I'm in the mood for Cracker Barrel!

  6. Ha! I used to work for Cracker Barrel long ago as a hostess ^_^

    You know.. I have never seen white cheese dip. Ever. And i'm Mexican lol The cheese dip around here is just regular cheese dip and usually with Hatch chilies.

  7. Oh, I feel so bad for you, Bonnie! Those are all things I love & would miss very much.

  8. Hey Bonnie! Yes, I do remember your sweet mom! I also remember you! It is great to see your blog! I will have to put you onmy blogroll. I so understand how you miss all the heavenly southern food! I love all the places you posted!!

  9. Ooooh Bonnie, the food looks AND sounds amazing! Being from North Dakota, can you believe we didn't have any of those places to eat? We were sure missing out! Now we're in Vegas and still don't have any of those places. One fast food place I do miss from North Dakota is Taco Johns. It's SO MUCH better than Taco Bell :)
    Again, thanks for sharing.

  10. Sweets! I wish I could blink you back! Yes, my favorite is the blackened chicken sandwich with cole slaw at Backyard Burger- YUM! And I love white cheese dip! What are they feeding you there??! Lori

  11. AMEN! I read this post and was just wishing for each resturant that you mentioned. I was born and raised in LR and lived there for 21 years. My family and I recently moved from AR to Texas a couple of years ago and I miss those resturants just as bad. Whole hog, back yard burger and especailly el portan. YUM-O

  12. OK....I'm reading your whole blog today apparently. I miss all the good food too, but was surprised that you wrote about a Firehouse Subs out here. WHERE?!?!
    I miss SO MUCH FOOD too.