Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love, love, love Celine Dion

For years I have loved Celine Dion. She is my absolute favorite singer EVER. I could listen to her music for hours. It is just so unfortunate that Jason & I moved to Vegas AFTER she quit doing her concert here :( I heard this song on the radio today & it is one of my favs.



  1. This is my absolute favorite Celine song (aren't they all). I remember listening to this when I was like 12.

    She came to Philadelphia last September and Geof and I got my mom tickets for the 2 of us to go together. I have never in my life heard anyone sound better live. If she tours again, I am there!

  2. i am sorry you missed seeing her. hope you are well. we are never on gchat at the same time anymore!

  3. LOVE celine!!! hubby took me to see her in vegas right before she ended=)! maybe you'll still get to see her somewhere!