Monday, June 8, 2009


My best friend Kristin sent me a framed photo of us on her wedding day for my B-day. I've been asking her for a picture of us together forever! She was such a beautiful bride. I'm so proud to call her my friend & see how much she has matured as a wife & mother over the years. We truly have been like sisters as the years have gone by. There have been times when we would fight & not talk to each other for quite some time, but then we would always start talking again. I guess it is part of growing up & maturing too. If I could take back all the silly fights we used to have, I would. But, I'm sure we both have learned from them ;) I know I have! Anyways, Becky & I love you Krissy like you are our sister & we love your family too. We are always here for you!

She also sent me my very FIRST baby item. She sent me a little Bunnies by the Bay rabbit - it is SO soft & I've been carrying it around all day. I LOVE IT! When her little girl (Abby) was about 3 months old we took pictures of her in a Bunny by the Bay outfit & she was so adorable:

OH...I also wanted to mention what I got with my Sephora giftcard from my sista. I got Marc Jacob "Daisy" because I've been envying hers for a while. Well, I wore it last week & I realized that the smell also REMINDS me of Becky, so that makes it even better :) Every time I put it on, I think of my sissy.



  1. LOVE the picture - what an amazing gift!! And I am dying over the bunny suit - it's so cute!!

    I love the way Daisy smells - great buy!! :) Sephora gift cards rock! :)

  2. That's such a cute bunny suit! I bet it's soft!

    I've been thinking of switching perfumes...might have to give that one a smell!

  3. That picture is so cute! How adorable.

    I'll have to try Daisy!

  4. That is such a nice photo that your friend sent and the bunny outfit is so adorable.

    Good call on getting the Daisy perfume. Sephora is the best!

  5. Awe...that is so sweet! I love you sister...I miss you so bad every day too! Now what smell should I wear to remind me of YOU?