Wednesday, June 17, 2009

11 weeks today

Today I am 11 weeks! The baby is about the size of a FIG. I don't think I'm showing a lot yet, but I do feel a little thicker around the middle. I've been eating a lot (which is a little scrary) & I haven't been sick at all. I know that any weight I gain will be worth it & I can always lose it later. I have been SO tired & emotional lately. I feel like I could sleep for days.

Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr. Wilkes. He will be the doctor that delivers the baby. We were referred to him by our fertility specialist & I hope he is nice! We are really excited to meet him & ask a few questions.

In OTHER news, Jason broke or fractured his leg. The doctor said he broke it, but didn't put him in a cast. He is wearing a splint & is supposed to take it easy for a while. He has about a 6 inch crack in his leg (I can't remember the name of the bone). Please pray he heals fast & it won't cause him pain.

I took a picture of my belly in the office bathroom today. It's not a great pic, but it will do!



  1. You look so cute! Good luck at the doctor appt tomorrow!! I hope your hubby's leg heals fast! Yikes, I bet that hurt! <3

  2. You look great! I hope everything goes well at the Dr tomorrow. Keep us posted. If you need anything (ex: list of Dr's, where to get some maternity clothing for cheap or just someone to chat with) remember we are both in Vegas and I would be more then happy to help you out. Plus I can always use an eating buddy =)

  3. your one of the lucky sickness!
    I'm puking at everything that isn't salsa and sweet tarts..LOL.

    I've got quite the "bloat" baby..hehe.

    Hope you hub's leg heals fast!

  4. You look really great Bonnie! Yay for not feeling sick! :) I hope that your Dr appt goes well!! I hope your hubs feels better soon!!! Praying for y'all!

  5. You do look great! Good luck at your appt. tomorrow. Usually if it's a referral, they're good! I hope you have a good experience.

    Poor hubs. That sound so painful. Hope he get's well soon.


    P.S. I'm jealous that your not all. I'm still having problems with that, even at 19 weeks. Totally tolerable though. I'm not complaining, I'm just excited to be pregnant!

  6. So happy to hear that everything is coming along with the pregnancy and you're meeting the new doc! You look so cute in the pic and that is awesome that you haven't been feeling sick.

    I'll keep you and Jason in my prayers and hope that he has a speedy recovery.

  7. Aww, you're starting to show! How cute!

    Those fractures/breaks hurt! I fractured both of my legs back in October - it only hurt for about 6 weeks though.

  8. Hope that your appointment with the new doctor is awesome! Praying that the hubby heals quickly and painlessly.

  9. 11 weeks!! CONGRATS!!! That is SO great that you haven't felt sick at all!!
    Will be praying your hubby's leg heals quickly.

  10. Great picture!! Looks like your little baby is growing!!
    How exciting for you guys.
    Sorry to hear your hubby has cracked his leg bone. Hope it heals quickly!!