Friday, April 10, 2009

MY Tervis Tumbler

I had to post a pic of me using MY Tervis Tumbler at work on the blog for my mom. Becky posted one of her using it & I had to do the same! I love my Tumbler mom! Thankyou - I LOVE YOU!

On another note, I've been SO sick for the past 2 days. I think I just had the flu, but Wednesday morning I woke up with nausea about 5 AM & threw up 3 times within the next 2 hours. My temp spiked up to 101.7. I got my temp down with good ol' iboprophin & my nausea has past now. 24 hour bug? I don't know, but now Jason wasn't feeling good yesterday & he had a temp! The flu is no fun! UGH!

Well, I'm back at work & trying to catch up on things. I hope you all have a fab weekend!

***EDIT - I also wanted to thank everyone for the sweet comments on my last post. The blog world is so diverse & I know there are so many other ladies going through the same struggles. I'm so glad I have a "virtual" support team! Ha. Love you all & thanks again for the positive & encouraging comments. <3


  1. so happy you are feeling better. love the tumbler! love it. y'all have a great mommy! if i am the triplet, is she my mommy too!??? lol!!!

  2. Your Tervis tumbler is too cute! I want one of those. I am sorry you're not feeling well and hope you get well soon.

  3. Love the tumbler!!

    I'm sorry you and Jason are sick. Hope you're both feeling much better soon!!

  4. Hi Bonnie, thanks for following my blog. I just moved to Vegas too. Your dogs are too cute. Do you ever take them to the dog park here?? We should all go one day :)

    Nice meeting you. Talk to you soon!