Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scarves & Hair

I haven't posted anything in a while. Work has been really busy b/c we have our annual file review coming up & nothing really exciting has been happening. I'm getting really excited to go home March 24-31st! It is my mom's 50th Birthday & I'm just so excited to see her & my dad. I have the most awesome, loving parents in the world & I know Becky & I are so blessed.
My mom has been so busy with her house renovations. If you want to see the progress, hop over to my sister's blog. I think we are both so happy she is doing something for herself, because she works so hard & she deserves it. Here is a picture of me & my mom at Christmas when we went out to "Mike's Place" in Conway:

I also meant to post these a while back. My mom texted me a while back & said she was knitting. She loves to make scarves! It was so funny b/c we had just moved into our apartment & I was going through a box & found the scarf she had given me last Christmas at the exact time she texted me. So we sent each other these pictures, Haha:

I also got my hair cut, but you can't really tell. I took this picture on the way home in the car:

(aren't camera phones awesome!)
After looking at "Chic & Pink"'s blog, I saw her post this picture of Carrie Underwood's haircolor & I LOVE it. I'm thinking about going & trying to get my hair colored like that. It is so pretty! I usually dye my hair myself, but I just love this picture of her color. It would be really pretty for spring/summer too. Whatcha think?

Okay - that is all for now! Have a fab Wednesday! (Week is half over - WOOHOO!)


  1. Oh, your hair is cute!! And I think that color would look good on you!

  2. I say go for it!! I do love that Carrie picture so much and think that color would look great on you :)

  3. I like your new cut!! It's really cute!!!!!
    I do LOVE Carrie's color too...

  4. I ditto Jules. Go for the hair color. It's very pretty!

  5. Your new do is really pretty!! Carrie's color would look perfect on you!!

  6. Love the hair - both yours and Carrie's.

  7. I think that would look great!