Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cute purses at TJ Maxx

I saw a couple of cute purses at TJ Maxx today & I thought I would post them. I think I am wearing out the purse my sister gave me, even though I LOVE it! I could spend all day in TJ Maxx. Which one do ya'll like the best? I might go back & get one soon. I want a light/bright color for spring :)

The first 2 are "Kathy Van Zeeland":

These 2 are "Nine West":


  1. I like the turquoise one the best!

  2. I like the first one!!

    Cute new blog header!

  3. I love the first one that is a light blue.

    I also love the new header. Very fitting and so cute!

  4. I like #4, but I am a BORING purse girl!!

  5. Oh, I loooove the green one.

    I'm not into all the flashy decorations on the first two. Just my personal style....
    Although---b is for brown---I can assure you that I'm not hatin' on the fleur de lis. I just don't...care for it all shiny silver on the side of a purse. I'm just sayin'.

    go green!

  6. I love the cream one with silver accents. Super cute!!!

  7. I like the one you bought. I also loved the green one (my tj's had the same one)

  8. I LOVE the green one!! I really like your new blog header...super cute!!!

  9. I LOVEEEEE those purses!!! Came across your blog and I love it!!!!

    God Bless,