Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Family

I found out a while back from my Nannie that she had a cousin that lived here in Vegas. Her name is "Chance" & her daughters name is "Ashley". I was so excited to find out that I actually had family that lived here in Vegas!! We have been talking on the phone & e-mailing for quite some time and decided to meet up yesterday. They read my blog, so they knew what I looked like. But, I had no clue what they looked like! We met at Panera Bread & as soon as I walked in there they were with flowers & chocolate! Isn't that so sweet!? (They must be from my family if they love chocolate, haha) We had a good chat for about an hour and a half & it was so great meeting them! They are both beautiful ladies inside & out. Unfortunately, we still have tons of stuff packed up & I didn't bring my camera to take a picture with them. I will have to get one next time. These days all I have been using is my phone camera. Anyways, I just wanted to say it was SO great meeting you ladies & I can't wait to get together again!