Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Jason, me & one of his co-workers went to BLIZZCON last weekend. It is a gaming convention that was held in Anaheim, California. We are both really into playing World of Warcraft & it was really neat to meet some of the people that we have only known online. WE ARE NERDS! I am waiting to get some pics e-mailed to me from one of the guys there. I couldn't find our camera charger before we left & so I left my camera at home. When we got to the hotel we found it in Jason's laptop case! Argghh! I took a few pictures with my camera phone & I might post them later.

***EDIT, here are a few pics from Blizzcon 2008:

James, Me & Jason:

Steve, Patrick, Kenny, Me, Jason & James:


  1. well, you may be nerds, but at least you are nerds together.

    Hubby & I are board game nerds together.

    It's all about maintaining that balance of sheer awesomeness with humbling dorkiness.

    I feel ya....

  2. That's fun! Where you the hottest girl there?