Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting moved...

Well, we finally got everything out of our old house & we are currently living with my in-laws. It is kind of working out well b/c they will be leaving for Miami for 2 months & we can stay there & dog-sitt until we close on our condo. We will be living with 5 chihuahuas for the next couple of weeks (my mom's worst nightmare). But, my mother-in-law loves dogs & I love that about her! She spoils our doggies when they stay with Grammy.
I'll post some pictures & stuff when I get them of the condo. The place is still getting painted & new carpet. I HATE MOVING! I hope we don't move again for a while after this. It will be nice for Jason & I to have a place of our own & not renting. We didn't want to keep throwing our money away towards someone else's mortgage. We are excited about moving onto this next step in our life :)

**Edit: We went by the condo today & my camera went dead right when I got there. I only got a couple of pictures. Here is a pic of the kitchen:


  1. Whoa, love the kitchen but where the heck was I when you bought a condo?! Did you post about it? I knew you mentioned buying...but why do I feel lost?! ;-)

  2. Love the cabinets and counter! Good luck with the in laws - that's great timing that they're out of town for two months, huh?

    My in laws spoil our dog rotten too, you'd think she was a real child. She cried on the phone when we were in WA last week about how much she'll miss our dog when we move. Then they promptly started looking at real estate and jobs in the city we're moving to.

  3. I love the excitement of moving, but hate actually moving!!! Yay for buying a condo!! Wish we were moving sometime in the near future!

  4. Hi, I saw you from Amy's! Congratulations on your new place, love the kitchen! Good luck on the move!