Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another celeb baby!

I love all of these cute little celeb babies. They are SO precious! Here is the cover of "OK" magazine with Jessica Alba & Cash Warren's baby "Honor Marie". Isn't she cute?


  1. She's adorable! I love all that dark hair!

  2. Bonnie:
    I like the names you have picked out a lot!!! I hope you get to use those names VERY VERY soon! I'm praying for you and Becky!
    I got my purple dress at T J Maxx recently and the black dress at Banana Republic last year. They are some of the few things I can still fit into. ha!

  3. How could that baby NOT be gorgeous with those two as parents! :-)

    I am actually supposed to go to Vegas for work soon and I'll shoot you an email if that happens and we'll have to meet up like you suggested! We're going with another couple over Labor Day weekend and it's planned to the hilt with shows and dinners and stuff so unfortunately I can't do it then!

    Good idea, though!