Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is a little late, but - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

I turned 27 last Friday (May 30th) & Jason turned 26 Sunday (June 1st). I dragged him out last Friday to see the "Sex in the City" movie. If you are a die hard fan, you will love it! It's a really good movie.
When I flew home last weekend, my sister had borrowed her sister-in-law's "GINALLI". I LOVED IT! I decided to spend some of my Birthday money on one & I'm glad I did. It gives you those body waves in your hair that you see on Jessica Simpson & other celebs. It's not hard to do either. I just ordered mine directly off the site: http://ginalli.com/

Here is a video on Youtube of a girl using hers:



  1. HaHa! You can tell how cool and with it I am...I thought that picture was of some sort of defense devise used to protect yourself from attackers!

  2. I want to see some pics of your hair when you use it...does it last really good? I love the big curls but when I do mine they just fall out! Happy Belated Birthday!!!