Friday, May 9, 2008

Struggling with PCOS

My sister has talked about our problems with trying to conceive more on her blog than I have on mine. But, we have both been diagnosed with PCOS, or "Polycystic Ovary Syndrome".
The last time I went to the doctor he said my testosterone was "60" & a normal person's is around "45"? He seemed concerned about it & said that was most likely why I wasn't ovulating right. He said that women with PCOS overproduce androgen's, or male hormones, including testosterone. All women produce some testosterone, but excessive amounts can prevent the egg from being expelled from the ovary, disrupting the menstrual cycle and leading to infertility.
He prescribed me "Metformin (Glucophage)", which is really medicine for a diabetic, but it is supposed to help with PCOS too. It is supposed to lower my insulin resistance and hopefully restore fertility and alleviate problems caused by excessive androgen's. It also says I should lose weight, change my diet & increase my physical activity to lower my insulin...sounds like fun, huh?
I just had my second round of blood work done the other day & I've had two of those "FUN" exams this past month. Hopefully we can get more details when the second round of tests come out. I know I need to get serious about this. I have always loved chocolate and sweets. It is going to be really hard for me to give those things up & cut down. But, I know I need to for my health. I know I have gained a lot of weight since college & it wouldn't hurt Jason & I to try & get healthy. It is so hard to fight temptation with food! There are so many things I like!
Well, my boss brought me this article & I thought it was a good read. It's in the latest "Woman's Day" Magazine. It's a pretty good read for women with PCOS, or if your struggling from some of the same problems:


  1. I hope its ok that I stopped by your post. I saw you on Kelly's Korner and it was too weird that you had posted about PCOS. My husband and I are beginning the process of dealing with it so that we can have kids, but it can be overwhelming! Best of luck!

    Amy Walker

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  3. Actually, I did the fasting glucose and the drink-the-sugariest-koolaid-EVER test today to determine if that will help me. We have an appointment on the 22nd with the specialist so he can tell us how to treat!

    I am also a Hills junkie but I missed the finale because we've been mid-move from Memphis to Atlanta! I've got to watch it online. I'm sure you're right about the extensions, but somehow I forget they have that luxury! :-)

    Keep me posted on you and your sister as well!


  4. You and Becky are in my thoughts. I hope and pray that your dreams come true