Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Sorry, I'm a day late on my posting. But, March 28th is my mom's Birthday & I wanted to make a post on here to my mom. I can honestly say I have the best mom & dad EVER! I've been so blessed with wonderful parents. My mom is so smart, caring & she is a wonderful teacher. I think anyone who has come in contact with my mom knows how hard working she is, she loves her job & helping children. I miss my mom so much & it is so hard to live so far away. I miss getting up in the morning & my mom asking me what she should wear. I miss watching all the TV shows we liked to watch together. I miss getting together with my mom & dad on a weekend & going out to eat & to a movie. I think when we lived so close, I took all those things for granted. Now, living so far away, I miss all those little things. I hope that someday I can be a great mother like my mom has been for me & my sister. I LOVE YOU MOM & HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my mom (can you tell how much my sweet daddy loves my mom? Haha):


  1. awe..I miss mommy too :(

    We are going to live it up next month in Vegas sister! I love you sooo much!

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